If you are needing bonded stock from our brokerage then you can order a certificate and pay for our Companies B Class Public Shares by the online checkout with Paypal/Creditcard/Bank Account. There you can specify the assignment credentials and have the shares shipped to your chosen address. To do so you can follow the link below,

If you want local funding, you can use our prototype MoneyServer. The funds come as a local balance that you can use with the download we provide of Microsoft Money Plus 2008 Home & Business OEM Edition. We use this software to house our Investment Banks.

To manipulate and eventually spend the funds, there are a few steps you will need to follow:

1- Download and install our Bond Software, which comes as a zip file and extract then click setup.exe,

2- Set up your money file with your own windows live/hotmail email address and password,

3- Add a new account to your account list, for us you need to choose an Investment Account as the type,

4- proceed with IE6 or newer browser to arrive at our directwestcorp.com Money Server Download Site,

5- Once there please read the message right of the server and follow the steps there to download a range of amounts contained in exported account form, QIF file to be exact. For the novice save which ever account you choose to click the picture of and save the file. For the experienced user, just have your money file open on the desktop, and when the download box opens choose open.

6- When you are back in your money file, for the novice, click the qif file you have saved. The software will ask you which account you would like to download the qif account to. Choose whichever Investment Account you have created and the funds will enter into the chosen account. For the experienced user, you should have gone through the prompts when you chose to Open the qif at the moneyserver site.

7- Online funds have to come as E as they are downloaded from a online site and thats the way the accounts are created to be by Microsoft. To balance and reconcile you will find out two things abount our money.

A) We have put up the funds for the local amounts and the account entries reconcile the first attempt to do so.

B) By checking the Update page you will see that our funding comes with a successful call on the accounts which our money goes in.

8- After following the above steps, you can choose on the software menu the Investments tab and in the dropdown menu choose Portfolio Manager. There you should see the cash balance at the bottom of your accounts name. Find your chosen investee company stock symbol and after highlighting the name of the account, enter the stock symbol at the bottom of the screen .

9) The investee company will be expressed beside at + sign of the account expression. Click the + and choose the buy option on the activities of the transaction tab. Choose the right options as to what size of bond you want and click ok.

10) On the first buy there is a intermediate step of linking the investment account to the cash portion of itself in the buying process.

**Some things to note is that you may after 10 Billion in stocks leveraged their is the chance once you have stocks around that value that you may be asked by Microsoft if you would like their financial backing for your cash side of your investing program.

** If that does happen to you, you can then use MSN’s MoneyCentral, your online ID and Silverlight to send out cash buys from any PC that is online to do so. The funds will be taken from your moneyfile the next time you update the money file.

If interested in Online Banking you can Download Microsoft Money Plus 2008 Home & Business OEM Edition and after use the Direct West Money Server Site to fund your Portfolio.

Happy Investing.